50-70 Information
Mk 3B Aircraft Protractor Swiss Schuetzen Rifle 7.5x55mm 8x58RD Information
  Swiss Schuetzen Rifle - Maker Unknown 8.15x46R Information
  "System Stahl" Schuetzen Rifle 8.15x52R Information
    12.7x44R Information
    1867 Swedish Rem. Rolling Block
    MGB Roadster & GT Info


My ancestor who served under this flag:

G-Grandfather Rufus A Harding

Enlisted in the New Hampshire Houghton's Infantry Company on 25 Jul 1864. Mustered out on 16 Sep 1864.

Enlisted in Company K, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment New Hampshire on 17 Sep 1864. Mustered Out on 15 Jun 1865 at Washington, DC. 


Adopted July 4, 1863


My ancestors who served under these flags:

G-G-Grandfather, Sgt David A Ray, Co D, 30th NC Inf, CSA

Enlisted 10 Aug 1861 - Survived The War


Captured at Kelly's Ford, VA 11 Nov 1863. Paroled at Point Lookout, MD on

or about 13 Feb 1865 and transferred to Cox's Wharf, James River, VA

where he was received 14-15 Feb 1865 for exchange.

G-Grandfather, 2rd Lt Charles A Miller, Co. G, 42nd NC Inf, CSA

Enlisted 1 Dec 1861 - Survived The War


1st Flag March 1861 to May 1863 2nd Flag adopted May 1st 1863 3rd flag adopted March 4th 1865 Naval Jack 1863 onward Battle Flag

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