WEN Model 56310i 3,100 Watt Inverter Generator

We bought this last February to use with our 5th wheel camper but found that I couldn't start it when it's in my truck's bed and the camper was hooked to my truck. I need to buy an electric start generator. The starting problem wasn't the generator's, it was having no room to pull the starting cord when it's in the truck bed with the 5th wheel camper hooked up.

The generator has been used about 15 hours and it does work fine and would run the 15,000 BTU AC unit in our camper along with the 12 volt inverter/charger just fine.

Here is some info from the owners manual:
Weighs 81.5 pounds
Noise rating (from 22 ft. with ambient rating of 44 dB)
57 dB (no load) 58 dB (1/4 load)
60 dB (1/2 load) 63 dB (3/4 load)

Price - $500.00


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