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Davide Pedersoli .54 Cal Muzzle Loader

Model S.299 Swivel Barrel Rifle

Price SOLD

Email from Pedersoli

Dear Mr. Harding,

It's the Swivel rifle produced and shipped to Cabela's in 1994.

The swivel rifle was a special project made exclusively for Cabela's several  years ago and after some years of successful sales they opted for other projects and we discontinued its production.

Attached the exploded view with the parts codes and a scanned page of an older catalog, where the Swivel rifle was described.

The .54 caliber had 7 grooves, 1:32" twist  and performs well with conical bullets 330 grs. loading 80 grs. of FFg, or maxi bullets 430 grs. with 90 grs. of FFg.

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Best regards,

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