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© 1994 Orin B. Harding

Compiled by Orin B. Harding, Greensboro, NC  who is grateful of the assistance given by Lloyd Faust, Placentia, CA in checking this work for accuracy and providing additional information and insight based on his years of experience with the MGB.

(At the time that I wrote this (1994) Mr. Anders D. Clausager, Archivist, British Motor Heritage Trust was kind enough to review this list and to let me see a copy of the manuscript of his then forthcoming book "Original MGB." Numerous entries and car number clarifications, found herein, are from a very detailed change point list found in "Original MGB." I am sure that "Original MGB" is destined to become the "standard reference" for studies of the MGB due to its depth and scope and without question, this book will be a "must have" for anyone that has more than a passing interest in the MGB.)

* Chassis numbers shown are partial numbers showing only series and serial number. Complete identification numbers would be as follows:

1. MGB roadster chassis number 5-410001, as shown above, would, for example, be GHN5UH410001 when shown as a complete identification number. Refer to reference 9 or 10 for more information.

2. MGB-GT chassis number 5-309326 would be GHD5UD309326. See reference 9

3. MGC roadster chassis number 101 would be G/CN 101. See reference 3

4. MGC-GT chassis number 110 would be G/CD 110. See reference 3

5. MGB-GT V8 chassis number 2903 would be GD2D1-2903. See reference 9

6. Identification number prefixes changed with the 1980 model year, starting at chassis number 501001, to conform with the US federally mandated VIN numbering system. Thus chassis number 523000 would now be GVVDJ2AG523000 when shown as a complete VIN number. Note that some cars, up to chassis number 5-507308 sold in California, still used old GHN prefix and were sold as 1979 model cars.


Pressed Steel Production

  Tourer GT Total
MGB 387,184 125,618 512,802
MGC 4,542 4,457 8,999
MGB-GT V8   2,591 2,591
Totals 391,726 132,666 524,392


North American Specification LE production


The following information was provided by John Twist, University Motors Ltd.


Production Dates Serial Number Range  LE Cars Produced
March 1979 to June 1978 492071 to 493517 1,447
June 1979 to September 1979 498441 to 499300 860
September 1979 to December 1979 503521 to 504563 1,043
January 1980 to March 1980 508071 to 509957 1,887
March 1980 to August 1980 520041 to 521469 1,429
October 1980 522999 to 523000 2
  Total NA Spec. LE Cars 6,668

To quote Porter in MGB Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration, "Chassis numbers quoted here are what manufacturers know as ‘pure’ chassis numbers (i.e. all cars after the number shown are fitted with those parts which relate to the chassis number change point). However, it may well be that, because of production line supply techniques, some cars which appear before the given change point will be fitted with later parts. On the other hand, no cars after a chassis number change point will have been fitted with earlier parts - a point worth bearing in mind when buying or judging concours cars." (emphasis added)

In compiling this list, I found differences between information in British Leyland and UNIPART publications and the other references noted. I have used the British Leyland and UNIPART publication information in such cases. As with any work of this nature, there will be errors and omissions. I welcome constructive comment from anyone and hope to continue to add to this list as new information is obtained. When commenting please include references supporting any recommended change, be it addition, deletion, or revision.


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